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*Target = To raise £25,000 to buy a custom gymnastics leg

Our Aim

Kieran is 14 years old, and was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2010. This meant his leg had to be amputated, and whilst he is now in remission, he still requires regular check-ups to ensure the cancer has not returned.

At 5 stone, Kieran used to be a very athletic boy, and the loss of a leg has made it very difficult for him to continue to be active. He has the use of an NHS leg, but at around 1 stone, it weighs almost a fifth of his body weight, making it difficult for him to get around.

There are sports legs available on the market, but they cost up to £25,000 and because Kieran is still growing, will only last for 2-3 years. Now a keen gymnast, with potential to take part in Olympic teams at the highest level, Kieran requires the specialist equipment, which will enable him to do this.

About Kieran

In October 2010 my life changed forever. I was diagnosed with a rare and very aggressive cancer – Ewing’s Sarcoma. I went from being a happy child who enjoyed playing with my friends, going to...

Scouts and ArtSpark, to a child who was confined to a wheelchair and needed my mam and dad to help me even go to the toilet and bed. I had a full leg cast, which thankfully was removable.

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About Ewing's Sarcoma

Ewing’s sarcoma is a rare disease whereby a specific form of tumour, consisting of cancerous cells, forms in the bone or soft tissue. It is most commonly presented in childhood and early adulthood. According to Macmillian Cancer Support, fewer than thirty children develop this disease in the UK every year.

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About the Leg

Dorset Orthopaedic will manufacture Kieran’s new prosthetic gymnastics leg to his exact requirements. Here’s how it will work:

The socket of Kieran's new leg will consist of a flexible inner socket surrounded by a carbon fibre frame. A vacuum assisted system will act to suspend the limb and help to stabilise the socket. The knee unit will be a hydraulic knee specifically designed for Kieran's level of amputation, fabricated from titanium to provide a lightweight but durable solution. The foot module will be a carbon fibre blade similar to that which can be seen on many of the athletes in the Paralympic Games and will help to give Kieran the energy return that he needs to participate competitively in sport.

News & Blog

  • Today is Kieran's 15th Birthday.  We are going to be celebrating in true style with family and friends throughout of the day  I will post pictures later.Kieran is having a tough time and I have asked on facebook if people could send him a message to show that their are people out there that care about him if you would like to this is the link:Kieran Birthday SupportHe has had a rough time the past few weeks and I will not bore you with the details  but the next few months for my son is going to be rough and he needs the support and love from people who genuinely care for him not pretend to.If you don't have facebook and would prefer to send Kieran a private message please use the message me function on his website page.This photo is one of Kieran aged 6 with his little sister, Lissie.  This is how I like to think of my son not the 15 year old teenager but a very loving child without any stresses or worries with his whole life ahead of him not having to fight cancer for the second time.

  • Childhood cancerOur children are our angels,A true gift from up above.From the moment that we see them,Our world is flooded by love.In life now all that matters,Is their safety and their health.Not everything that came before,Like sleep, nights out or wealth.Then suddenly from out the blue,A bolt falls from the sky.Your family life just falls apart,And you can't help wonder why?An existence you knew nothing of,Suddenly , becomes the norm.You forget what life was like before,You walked into this terrifying storm.You sit beside your baby,Feeling helpless as can be.As nurses fight to help them,And you pray a silent plea...Why is this happening?What can I do?How do I take this painand suffering from You?The truth is there's nothing,We as parents can do.But support and gain strength,From the childhood cancer crew.For many their battles,are far too relentless and long,As they pray that they will one day,Be free from cancer's evil throng.We are thankful for survivors,Those children who've won the war.But we remember those who fly high above,through the skies they soar.There's many that still believe,that "this won't happen to me!"But the day before my child was illI too had failed to see...That childhood cancer happens.It doesn't care, who it strikes next.But please be aware of its poison,And it's poisonous effects!These children and their families,Fight their battles hand in hand.We will one day discover a cure,And united we will stand!By Katie(Henry's mum, brain tumour fighter)


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